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Call us at 9395502416 for Special Deals


Brand : Netfox
Rack : Wallmount Rack 6U
Depth : 600D

GST @18% is applicable.


Buy Netfox Wallmount Rack 6U with 600D online at best affordable price in india. Firewallbazaar sales latest racks . Transportation & handling charges extra.

Netfox Wall Mount racks designed for small networking, Domestic Application, Audio Video, Telecom and Lab applications. Racks are fabricated out of CRCA steel CNC Programmed, punched, bent, Welded and powder coated with highest quality standards.

Firewallbazar is dedicated to continuously meeting the ever-changing digital information desires of today and tomorrow. NETFOX’s basket of services includes established cabling solutions, server/network racks and active components in the network space. Firewallbzar products correspond to the particular characteristics of many markets.

Front Glass door with lock and key provides visibility and security for your equipments.