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Call us at 9395502416 for Special Deals


Model : 1800 Base Appliance
Gen v Security : 2 Gbps
Gen III Security Next Gen Firewall : 5 Gbps
Network Ports : 18*1 GbE Copper, 2*2.5 GbE Copper, 1*10 GbE Copper”
Storage : 256GB SSD
Power Supply : Dual
Support : 1 Year

GST @18% is applicable.


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We’re planning to consider the new Check purpose 1800 Next Generation firewall. The Check purpose 1600 and also the 1800 are fairly new appliances, and also the largest within the Quantum Spark family of firewalls.

Check Point’s focus is on interference instead of detection. In alternative words, block legendary and unknown cyber-attacks to confirm business continuity.

The list of safety features is long, and spectacular. to call a number of, there ar site-to-site VPN, remote access VPN, IoT device recognition, intrusion interference, antispam, and intrusion interference.

There’s conjointly application management, advanced universal resource locator filtering, IPS, antivirus, anti-bot. additionally, there’s email security, policy management, watching and event management.

Protecting SMB from Every Threat :

The Quantum Spark line of security gateways provide protection from every known and unknown threats to SMBs.

  • Next Generation Firewall
  • Application Control & Web Filtering
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Antivirus
  • Anti-Bot
  • Anti-Spam
  • SandBlast Threat Emulation
  • Premium Direct Enterprise 1 Year Support for 1800 Security Appliance