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Brand: Palo Alto Networks

Model : PA-440, PA-440 Lab Unit

Type : SSD

Capacity : 128 GB

Performance : Firewall throughput (appmix): 2.4 Gbps, Firewall throughput (HTTP): 3 Gbps, Threat prevention throughput (appmix): 1 Gbps, Threat prevention throughput (HTTP): 0.9 Gbps, VPN throughput (IPSec): 1.6 Gbps

Capacity: Maximum number of sessions: 200000, New sessions per second: 39000, VLAN tags per device: 4094, VLAN tags per interface: 4094

Weight : 5 lbs

Warranty : 3 Year

GST @18% is applicable.


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  • Palo Alto Networks PA-440, Professional Subscription Bundle (Threat Prevention, Advanced URL Filtering, Wildfire, DNS Security) with Premium support
  • Installs Machine Learning in the center of the firewall to give inline signatureless attack prevention for file-based attacks   while recognizing and quickly stopping never-before-seen phishing endeavors. 
  • Use cloud-based ML cycles to push zero-delay marks and directions back to the NGFW. Utilizations conduct investigation to distinguish web of things (IoT) gadgets and make strategy suggestions; clouddelivered and locally incorporated assistance on the NGFW. Computerizes strategy suggestions that save time and reduce the chance at human mistake. 
  • Reviews and applies strategy to TLS/SSL-encrypted traffic, both inbound and outbound, including for traffic that utilizes TLS 1.3 and HTTP/2 
  • Offers rich visibility into TLS traffic, like measure of encrypted traffic, TLS/SSL versions, figure suites, and the sky is the limit from there, without decoding Empowers power over utilization of inheritance TLS conventions, uncertain codes, and inaccurately arranged certs to moderate dangers. Works with simple sending of unscrambling and allows you to utilize worked in logs to investigate issues, like applications with pinned certs. 
  • Allows you to empower or disable decryption flexibly based on URL class and source and objective zone, address, client, client gathering, gadget, and port, for protection and administrative consistence purposes. Distinguishes and classifies all applications, on all ports, constantly, with full Layer 7 investigation Recognizes the applications navigating your network irrespective of port, convention, hesitant methods, or encryption (TLS/SSL). Utilizations the application, not the port, as the reason for all your protected enablement strategy choices: permit, deny, plan, assess, and apply traffic-molding. 
  • Offers the capacity to make custom App-IDs for proprietary applications or request App-ID improvement for new applications from Palo Alto Networks. Implements security for clients at any area, on any gadget, while adjusting strategy in response of client action
  • Empowers visibility, security strategies, revealing, and crime scene investigation dependent on clients and gatherings – not simply IP addresses. Effectively coordinates with a wide scope of vaults to use client data: remote LAN regulators, VPNs, catalog servers, SIEMs, intermediaries, and the sky is the limit from there. Permits you to characterize Dynamic User Groups (DUGs) on the firewall to make time-bound security moves without trusting that changes will be applied to client registries. 
  • Conveys a one of a kind way to deal with bundle handling with Single-Pass Architecture.Performs organizing, strategy query, application and unraveling, and signature coordinating for all possible dangers and content in a single pass. This fundamentally overhead the measure of handling overhead needed to play out different capacities in a single security device. Empowers steady and predictable performance when security memberships are empowered.