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Brand : ‎Fortinet, Inc
Model : ‎FG-100F
Package Dimensions : ‎‎55.88 x 15.24 x 43.18 cm; 5.13 Kilograms
Item model number : ‎FG-100F
Operating System : ‎Firewall
Connector Type : ‎‎USB
Manufacturer : ‎Fortinet, Inc
Threat Protection : 1.0 Gbps
SSL Inspection Throughput : 1 Gbps*
Interfaces : 10GE, 1GE
Firewall Throughput: 20.0 Gbps
Firewall Throughput (IMIX): 10.0 Gbps

GST @18% is applicable.


Buy FortiGate 100F Firewall Online

The FortiGate 100F firewall designed to provide comprehensive threat protection and secure networking for mid-sized businesses and branch offices. Here are some key features:

Firewall Protection: Fortigate100F firewall capabilities to control and monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules.

Security Services: The 100F supports a variety of security services, including antivirus, intrusion prevention, web filtering, and application control. This helps in safeguarding the network from various cyber threats.

VPN Support: For secure remote access and site-to-site connectivity, the FortiGate 100F supports Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies.

Performance: It’s high-performance security with features like ASIC-powered acceleration, ensuring that the firewall doesn’t become a bottleneck for your network.

User Authentication: You can enforce user authentication, ensuring that only authorized individuals or devices can access the network.

Web Filtering: The appliance allows you to control and monitor web usage, blocking access to malicious or inappropriate websites.

Logging and Reporting: FortiGate devices provide detailed logging and reporting capabilities, helping you analyze network activity and identify potential security incidents.

Scalability:  the FortiGate 100F is part of a broader product range, allowing for scalability as your network requirements grow.